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About The Camera Obscura

Latin for "darkened chamber", experiencing a Camera Obscura first- hand gives you an intimate understanding of how light moves and images are revealed. Dating back to 300 B.C. Camera Obscuras have been used for a variety of reasons throughout history, with and without lens. We will make ours by darkening the boardroom of the Hotel Saint Francis and installing two pinholes of light to create our scene.
Join us as we turn a room into a camera!

> Abelardo Morell's Camera Obscura Images

About World Wide Pinhole Day

This is an international event created to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on the last Sunday in April, can scan it and upload it to www.pinholeday.org, where it will become part of the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration's online gallery.

On this unique day, people are encouraged throughout the world
* to take some time off from the increasingly technological world we live in and to participate in the simple act of making a pinhole photograph.
* to share their visions and help spread the unusual beauty of this historical photographic process.

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is held each year on the last Sunday in April. The next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is on Sunday, April 25, 2010.

This year World Wide Pinhole Day celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

> World Wide Pinhole Day Website

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a camera obscura
installed in:

a railroad car
Santa Fe Southern Railway.
interior - train camera obscura exterior - train camera obscura, 2009

at a corner table
Jessie's Bar
Hotel Plaza Real
Santa Fe, N.M.
interior - Hotel Plaza Real Exterior - Hotel Plaza Real