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2010 season

A Pinhole Landscape Adventure!

Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM

This two part workshop takes place September 1st through 6th, 2010.

Although attending the entire workshop offers the full experience, participants are invited to attend either part 1 or 2 should that better suit their needs. Camps are limited to 12 participants each.

Part One

September 1 - 3, 2010

Wednesday, Sept. 1 4pm - 8pm
Thursday, Sept. 2 4pm - 8pm
Friday, Sept. 3 4pm - 8pm

Friends Meeting House, Santa Fe, New Mexico

friends meeting houseWe begin at the historic home of Olive Rush, currently the Friends Meeting House at 630 Canyon Road, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The space is a beautiful adobe home with a rambling back yard situated about half way up Canyon Road offering a plethora of image making options for the pinhole photographer.

In this beautiful small group setting we will build our 4x5 super wide pinhole cameras and get a hands on approach to the geometry of photography. We will test our cameras with paper negatives, developing and scanning our images for quick viewing.

> Friends Meeting House website

Part Two

September 4 - 6, 2010

Saturday, Sept. 4 check in : 2pm
Monday, Sept. 6 (Labor Day) check out : 12noon
  camp is in session till 3pm

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu New Mexico

Abiquiu Landscape Hike, explore incredible landscapes and have a full darkroom at your fingertips with your new 4x5 super-wide pinhole camera that you built yourself in part 1!

This camp will focus on black and white film and paper negatives, developing and scanning our images for quick viewing. Images will also be printed in the alternative processes of Cyanotype and Van Dyke. Build a Camera Obscura.

This expedition spends Saturday and Sunday evening on the "ranch", ending camp at 3:00 on Monday.

> visit Ghost Ranch website

Workshop Prices:

Note: prices do not include lodging and meals.

Full Workshop:

Tuition : $500
Materials Fee : $250

(A deposit of $250 is required to hold your spot)

Part One only:

Workshop : $200
Materials Fee : $200

(A deposit of $200 is required to hold your spot)

Part Two only:

Workshop : $400
Materials Fee : $200

(A deposit of $200 is required to hold your spot)

Items you will need to provide :

  • At least one 4x5 film holder
  • (some used ones will be made available for purchase)
  • Food, Transportation, Lodging
  • Gloves, Apron

If attending Part One : Please bring a box cutter, cutting mat and a metal edged ruler.

If attending Part Two only : You will need to bring your own working pinhole camera that you have tested.

Feel free to contact Jackie at 505-231-3758 or email any questions to her at campobscura@gmail.com.

Lodging at Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch is fairly remote, yet offers a variety of overnight options from campgrounds to dorm rooms to private suites. While amenities are modest, they are clean and comfortable and surrounded by the red hills of Abiquiu.

A dormitory style cafeteria offers 3 meals a day and comes with the price of the rooms. Campgrounds are the exceptions, which require an extra fee for meals.

Your overnight and meal cost is not covered in the camp fees, you must make your own arrangements through Ghost Ranch. Please let them know you are with Camp Obscura when you contact them for your reservations as some rooms are reserved for this purpose.

Contact Ghost Ranch for overnight options, fees and contact information.

Ghost Ranch

505-685-4333 ext. 0
877-804-4678 (toll free)

> visit Ghost Ranch reservations webpage

Due to the over night nature of this camp, under age campers must have a chaperone attending Ghost Ranch with them. We consider this experience a wonderful thing to share with parent and child, siblings or mentors.

pinhole demonstration

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pinhole camera demonstration